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ignisthepyro asked:

Well Molly I'm going to be a daddy soon, I'll be busy with my new bundle of joy and helping my wife, congrats on the new mom though kid. Don't know if I'm welcomed since I'm just a stranger in a mask to both your folks."

"No no! But you’re my fwend! Daddy will let you come! Fwends are welcome he said!"


"I don’t think you’ll be all lonely for long sweet thing, your gonna make a bunch a’ new friends! I keep on findin’ new people all th’ time, some even stick with ya’ forever…"

*They walk with the sun sinking into the earth, taking it’s warmth with it.*

"Lil’ one, its ‘bout ta’ get a lil’ chilly in a bit. Do ya’ have warm clothes with ya’?"

"Well….I’ve made a buncha friends already…. I just really wanna see my papa more. I miss him lots."

She giggled and shook her head.

"Nope.~ I don’t mind being chilly though.~ I haven’t caught a cold yet!"

She seemed a bit proud of that fact.

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"Thats a big girl weapon! Ya’ sure you’ll be ok? I wouldn’t wanna leave ya’ here by ya’ lonesome,

How ‘bout we ‘round for a while longer? I bet it gets kinda boring back ta’ your house.”

*Mars reaches for Molly with his hand as to not leave her alone*

"…Well it ish kinda l lonely…  Daddy ish alwaysh away and being a doctor. He worksh far away for shome weird company in new mexshico, but dat’s all I really know…. Gran-Gran ishn’t even my grandmother. She’s jusht a friend of papa’sh…"

She took his hand, not shy in the least bit. She stashed the balisong back in her boot and began walking.

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Lil’ ray a’ light


“Now baby girl, it’s gettin’ kinda late. Why dont I take them buns home? Ya’lls family might get worried if ya’ dont come back b’fore dusk…”

"Heheh, Gran-Gran’sh used to it by now. Anywaysh, I can take care of myself! Daddy taught me how to use a knife!"

She reached into her left boot and pulled out a balisong.

It would be scary to see such a sight if the balisong wasn’t pink and covered in heart stickers.

"I can’t do tricksh yet do."

She nommed away on her newly acquired candy.

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